Entangled marketing - I love it!

I read the book "Entangled marketing" by Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp the other day. I love it!

Last spring I talked with Sebastian regarding the book he and Stan were writing and since then I have been longing to read the book.

Entangled marketing is about going beyond engagement and acting as a complementary twosome

(the brand and the customer).

Since my mantra and ambition is to make marketing and communication wanted and loved by the customers this concept is truly want I have been waiting for.

If you haven´t already read it you sure must. It is easy read and give you great examples and refreshing perspectives.

Once sentence from the book keep coming back – this might not be the essence of the book but a very strong reminder to many of us “ What would happen if we in online ads stopped shouting at consumers and started talking with them instead? “….Let´s try!

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