Who am I?

I am independent digital consultant and board member (PenSam Bank A/S).

My background is from Google and YouTube, L'OREAL and SCA and the agencies; Kunde & Co. and BBDO Cph.


What do I do?

My focus is the commercial part of digitalisation, both in perfomance and branding. I help companies to take advantage of digital and social media from a strategic point of view. I help businesses in three areas: 



I tailormade each project to meet your needs; from social media strategy to entire digital strategies that meet business objectives.

  • Digitial strategy - whether you need to start from scratch or gain a new level!

  • Branding online - how do you create a brand online?

  • Content marketing - Is your communication desired and loved?

  • Social media strategy - how to us social in a strategic way?

  • Customer focus -  how do I turn my business towards the customers?

Speaker & Workshops

Whether you need inspiration or input at board or management meeting. Or look at a specific issue, I can help.

  • Subject specific lectures - Brand building, Content Marketing, Social media, etc.

  • Company or industry-specific topis. 

  • As Inspiration - How to get started? Feedback on your communication - how do I proceed etc.!


Education, Network & Organizing

Customer focus and more focus on digital media challenge the existing organization in many companies. Work is often in silos (departments communicate uncoordinated with the customer) and do not necessarily have the same objectives.

  • One-on-one sparring - do you want to be inspired and talk strategy?

  • Education in social media and content marketing by persons or groups

  • Network - especially for larger organizations that want to lift across divisions and countries

  • HR sparring - how to organize best with customer focus?


Do you have other needs, please call +45 53 65 01 55. 


Why I do it?

I think more companies should assign board members with digital backgrounds and make sure to get the full perspective and upsides from digital. I want companies and organisations to have the full benefit of the oppotunities offered by digital. 

I believe that traditional advertising can be changed by relevance, data and insight to be both liked and loved part of the communication between sender and receiver. I have seen digital strategies - which correctly performed - is a highly effective way for many companies when both their goals and new levels of growth.


My background?

I graduated from Copenhagen Business School in Marketing in 2000 and supplemented with an a degree in Organization and Management in 2002. In addition, I have courses in organization and management from Munchen and CEPED in Fontainebleau. I have worked in marketing for a number of years, in the media industry the latest from Google and YouTube, as Nordic Head of Branding, ealier as Nordic Digital Director at L'Oréal. Before I came to L'OREAL I had spent years responsible for Libero Club at SCA (a loyalty program for  with more than 500,000 members). Part of my career I have used in the advertising industry, here I have worked first for Kunde & Co. and since for BBDO. 

Pernille Thorslund 
Digital advisor & board member